doelse Staying safe and secure online

At doelse, we take great measures to help ensure a safe and thriving online workplace. This includes security models that flag suspicious activity, tools that scan site content, and entire teams dedicated to freelancer and client success. But keeping our community safe takes teamwork. Here are some general tips and resources for best protecting yourself and your information online – whether on doelse or elsewhere.

Safeguarding your private information

Treat your personal information like you would your wallet. Here are some tips:

  • Choose strong, unique passwords (mix letters, symbols, and numbers) and change them often
  • Don’t click unknown links, or enter your credentials on unfamiliar sites
  • Don’t leave your computer unattended, and always log off if using a public computer

Recognizing and avoiding phishing

Phishing is when unscrupulous users try to steal your financial information by impersonating a person or a business. A phishing attempt may:

  • Invoke a sense of urgency to encourage you to act before you think
  • Come from a familiar sender for believability
  • Contain suspicious URLs or attachments, often with shortened links
  • Include legitimate images like logos

Reporting a concern


To report a Freelancer or a Client , please contact Customer Support.