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How to hire freelancers

If you want help with a short-term project, hiring a freelancer may be a good choice. You can save money on employment benefits and taxes associated with full and part-time employees, and still have access to the kind of expertise you need. Companies typically hire freelance developers, programmers, designers and writers.
Freelancers are different from your employees in that they’re not bound to one particular employer. This means that they don’t receive the benefits that an employee does, but they also get to work on their own terms with little oversight.
If you’re satisfied with a freelancer’s work, make moves to keep them on your radar. In the future, you may need to hire them again for a project or even offer them employment.

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To communicate your expectations effectively, provide:

  • Deadlines. Since you may not be the freelancer’s only client, discuss and set deadlines so you can receive your work on time.
  • Milestones. Break large projects up into milestones – manageable sections for which freelancers get a portion of their overall payment. Milestones help you track progress and help your freelancers feel more secure. And, paying by output puts the focus on quality rather than the number of hours spent on work.
  • Vision. If you want a freelancer to redesign your website, let them know how you imagine it. Communicate your requirements upfront, and as clearly as possible, to make sure you are both on the same page.
  • Context. Describe how this task or sub-project fits into a larger project or strategy. A good freelancer will find ways to tailor their output to align with your overall business strategy.