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Who We Are

Launched in 2019, doelse is a community, marketplace and platform that empowers freelancers to do their best work and help clients to search the best freelancer according to the needs and requirements. We connect only trusted and professional freelancers with clients, in a seamless platform that makes it easy to manage connectivity, payments and more.

We believe that the culture is changing and this change is happening fast. The future involves more professionals working independently, remotely, and at their own convenience. We are passionate about building a product that makes it easy for freelancers to do work they love and with the clients who value them. We also want to create flexible working environments where anyone can stay engaged in the workforce while caring for their families.

Our product is crafted by a lean team of committed folks who are freelancers, entrepreneurs, and business owners themselves.

about us

Other than YOU , doelse values :

vision mission
  • Enthusiastic, passionate, tenacious, and fun
  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Continuous improvement
  • A positive customer experience!
  • Honesty and integrity